Say goodbye to the Grand Vitara, Splash and the Alto!

If you’re a big fan of either the Suzuki Grand Vitara, the Splash or the Suzuki Alto, it is with a heavy heart that we tell you they will be no more by next summer, maybe even earlier when it comes to the Grand Vitara depending on how long it takes to sell all the existing stock.


It may not be the conciliation you hoped for, but the Vitara name will live on in the form of Suzuki’s new supermini-SUV which is due for a debut at the Paris Motor Show in next month. There will be no such tribute paid to the Alto’s name though, instead it will simply be replaced by the all new Suzuki Celerio city car which will arrive at the beginning of 2015. The Celerio is said to be bigger than the Alto but smaller than the Splash. Whilst the Celerio has your attention it Suzuki claim it’s CO2 emissions will be under 99g/km they are also saying that the car will go on sale for less than £8000 which sounds very reasonable.


So as of next year you will only be able to buy second hand Suzuki Grand Vitaras splash’s and Altos, but hey, if you already own one, they could become a collector’s item and increase in value…. Though it probably won’t.


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Online cars by 2014

Cars with online capabilities are set to be the next big thing on our roads, some are all ready available, and it will inevitably become common place in the coming years.


Ever find yourself sat in traffic wondering what an old friend from school who you no longer talk to is having for dinner? Well it seems that you will not have to wonder much longer, for analysts have predicted that major manufacturers will begin producing their cars with internet capabilities as standard.

There are already a number of online cars available, including the BMW 3 Series. The online world through the car is much different to that of your smart phone or desktop to help ensure that safety is not compromised. This means that most of your cars online experience will come through apps, whereby latest statuses are read out to you and you can choose to reply by voice recognition technology or steering wheel buttons.

To be quite honest though we are not interested in the ‘social network’ side of things at all, our lives are already awash with facebook and twitter updates, without having them built into our cars. But there could be some very useful apps which come as a result of the online cars such as apps which can find an empty parking space in a car park or locate the cheapest fuel price in your area.

If my experience with smart devices is anything to go by, they will probably cause more frustration than anything, what with apps not functioning properly, screens freezing at crucial moments and stupid games getting the better of you, it will also probably be a cause for higher service charges, but hey, at least you could book your car service online whilst driving.

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Alfa Romeo 4C

Photos of a fair few cars that are scheduled to be introduced at next month’s Geneva Motor Show have been surfacing on the internet over the last few days, and one of them that we are particularly excited about is the Alfa Romeo 4C. It is a sports car which marks the start of Alfa’s new growth strategy and it marks the brand’s return to the American market.

Thankfully it has stayed pretty true to its concept counterpart (which debuted in 2011) and it is looking good. It will feature a mid-mounted 1.7-litre four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine which will supply the lightweight vehicle with 275bhp allowing the car to do 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds.

It is set to go on sale soon after the Geneva Motor Show as a rival of the Porsche Cayman, with its price starting around the £40,000 mark. With that in mind a used Alfa Romeo may sound more attractive, as £40,000 is pretty expensive, and as it’s an Alfa, you will probably have to shell out on servicing costs as well. For more information on any Alfa Romeos check out


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