Dodgy Cars

Welcome to this article about dodgy cars, though I fear I may have mislead you with the title, as this isn’t about cars that are unreliable or dubious, but about a brand of cars which are yet to really take off in the UK, they have dodged the limelight as it were… If you haven’t already guessed it, I am talking about Dodge cars.

I still find it fascinating that American muscle cars haven’t really reached UK roads, everybody seems to like them in the films, as a kid all my car toys where of the American muscle type, I mean you’re not going to play with a ford fiesta toy are you. I mean sure they don’t really suit British roads as they prefer straight roads, so they aren’t very practical, but neither are a lot of things we buy, so it is puzzling to me the muscle cars never hit it off with the English.

It isn’t just muscle cars either, it seems to be more of a brand thing than anything, with brands being exclusively popular to America, which strikes me as a little bit odd when you consider how much of the terrible Americanisms that us British absorb, yet I feel the one aspect of America that really is cool; we sleep on.  I have spent a summer in the US where I was lucky enough to drive around in my cousins second hand Dodge Nitro which was fantastic. The cars over there are just huge, which I guess is what puts off a lot of British punters as you probably wouldn’t be able to fit one on your street let alone your drive.

My favourite though has to be the Dodge Charger whether we are talking about the models from back in the 70s or now. The 70s model looks like an absolute classic and the new model looks like a monster that would tear up the roads from beneath its wheels. I can only hope that one day, Britain will move away from their love for dull hatchbacks and swap them for something a little more explosive and exciting, if a little vulgar.


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