Up or the Fiesta?

When it comes to small cars the Volkswagen Up and the Ford Fiesta are two which have really nailed it and whilst you might not typically pitch them against each other, it does make for an interesting debate, and reflects the wider debate of whether or Supermini’s are better than City Cars, or are City Car’s eventually going to take over leaving the reign of superminis on weak legs?

Both the Volkswagen Up and the Ford Fiesta offer a good range of choice when it comes to the engines that are on offer. One of the recurring themes that keeps cropping up in the City Car argument is how they don’t usually feel too great on the motorway, but then again, why should they, they are City Cars after all. However the Up doesn’t struggle too much, and things only seem to be improving in what is a relatively new class. I was Volkswagen Up leasing for a while and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by how well it handled the faster roads, and it was so ideal for the city, you don’t realise just how good it city cars are until you are in the city and you reap the rewards of having a car which is purpose built for the roads you are driving on.

It doesn’t take Ford Fiesta Leasing to know that it is a great car, whilst I’ve never actually owned one myself I have spent plenty of time inside them, and actually learned how to drive in one. Whilst the Fiesta doesn’t have a bad interior there is something about the Up that really makes it excel in that sense, I guess it is probably because you don’t expect too much from a car like the VW Up, but it is so far ahead than any of its main rivals it starts competing with the cars in the class above. And this is why we decided to put it against the Fiesta, because we really think it can compete. Sure in some areas the Fiesta is much more established and capable, but the point is the difference isn’t that dramatic and the Up even wins some of the battles.


Another great thing about the Volkswagen Up is that it has good residuals especially for a city car so selling a second hand Volkswagen Up should get you a good return.

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